Solution & Services

Backup Systems and Software:

With the increase of sensitive data and important information traveling at warp speeds across networks, it is important to be reminded of safety. Our Backup processes ensure total security and restoration options to guarantee nothing gets lost in cyberspace. We represent the top Hardware and Software vendors in this category. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Client Virtualization:

Through client virtualization, hardware and software components are decoupled so that isolation can occur. All data can be securely stored in the data center, enabling both high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. Help your company embrace client virtualization solutions today. We represent the top Software Vendors in Virtualization. Email us today for a free consultation.

Converged Infrastructure:

Converged infrastructure solutions offer organizations a sophisticated IT infrastructure option. By creating a more resilient and orchestrated management system, your organization will run on a single optimized solution, allowing you and your company to rest easy. Email us today for a free consultation.

Power & Cooling:

Conserving energy while maintaining an efficient and low-cost data center is becoming increasingly difficult. As utility rates continue to rise, power and cooling costs also increase. We’re ready to implement your data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system today, with the latest energy efficient equipment available. Email us today for a free consultation.

Server Virtualization:

Server virtualization allows users to maximize physical resources in the most efficient way possible. By running multiple, independent, and virtual operating systems on a single computer, server virtualization creates a virtual hardware resource on an x86-based server. Email us today for a free consultation.

Storage Management & Virtualization:

Every year, companies see their data storage needs expand dramatically due to email proliferation and our reluctance to permanently delete anything. Effective data storage management solutions can transform your IT environment by providing flexibility while simplifying your data storage systems. Email us today for a free consultation.